#TBT - 5 Tips to Keep Your Photos Safe

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Do you have boxes of photos all over your house? Are they stuffed in drawers and tucked away in the attic or even worse, the basement?

If you do, these are some of the worst places to store your photos and they should be moved to a safer spot immediately after reading this post.

Your photos tell the story of your life and are a direct link to your past. Unfortunately, most of us haven't taken the time to store them properly so they will be here for future generations.

You may think your photos are safe because they're in albums but that's not the case, especially if the album has those thick plastic pages, is older than 15-20 years old or if it's one of those horrifying magnetic albums.

Tips for Better Photo Preservation

  1. Temperature, light, and humidity are damaging to your photos. Store your photos and albums in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

  2. Hang framed photos on a wall that does not get direct sunlight. This will fade your photos quickly.

  3. Avoid storing photos in the basement or attic. The temperature swings in the attic are harmful and the dampness in the basement encourages mold growth.

  4. Plastic bags, boxes and pages inserts that are not acid-free can release harmful vapors that permanently damage photos. Before you buy, check the labels to make sure they are acid-free and photo-safe.

  5. Paper clips , rubber bands, glue and tape should not come in contact with your photos unless it is labeled acid-free and safe for your photos.

It took me years to convince my mother that we needed to move all her photos into newer, safer albums but by then, it was too late. Most of them had become very dark and turned a yellowish-orange. Hopefully, we moved them in time and they will be safe from now on!

Now it's your turn, go get those boxes of photos out of the basement and move them to a safer place!

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