Calendars and To-Do List Planner Pack

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The all new 2020 Master Planners are almost ready but I wanted to share this fun Calendar and To-Do Lists Planner Pack add-on with you right away!

These pages are designed to match the 2020 Master Planner and can be added to your current planner or household binder.

First, you will find that there are two cover pages, one for each section; Calendars and To-do lists.


This planner pack comes with both a vertical and horizontal monthly calendar. Both versions are undated and can be used year after year by simply filling in the current dates.

There is also a blank calendar of each version that can be used for anything you like…a menu planner, cleaning schedule, bill payment tracker, etc…

The daily planner page is great for your busiest days. You can assign tasks for every 30 minutes from 6am - 9:30 pm and there’s plenty of room to write in your daily to-do’s and meal plans as well as any notes you want to remember.


There are two weekly planner spreads included in this pack. Personally, I’ve been using the version in the photo above and have been loving it! I write the date in the top right-hand corner and list any tasks for the week.

This makes it much easier for me to see what has to be done through-out the week and helps me plan my day ahead every evening.

You will also find two versions of a to-do list. They are not day or topic specific so they can be used for all the tasks you need to complete.


Finally, there are three separate shopping lists:

  • A one column checklist.

  • A two column checklist…this is my favorite, I fold it down the middle and take it to the store with me.

  • Six checklist boxes with a space to categorize your list.

Matching lined notepaper is also included. I like to print a few extra sheets and keep them in the back of my planner.

If you’re ready for a better way of planning, get your Calendar and To-Do List add-on pack now and start seeing the difference in your days. I’ve seen the impact in my life and I know you will too!

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Calendars and to-do lists planner pack.  Manage your time with these fun and practical planner Printables! There are 39 sheets included in this planner pack.