The Doors Are Open: Preserve Your Photos is Live

The Doors Are Open: Preserve Your Photos is Live

This is it! I am super excited to announce that for the first time ever, the Preserve Your Photos course is officially OPEN! Act now to receive the limited time introductory price!

Are you overwhelmed by your photos and memorabilia? Preserve Your Photos will help you discover how to protect your entire photo and memorabilia collection…without losing your mind.

Will Preserve Your Photos work for you?

Answer two quick questions, and I can tell you immediately whether Preserve Your Photos will work for you:

  1. Yes or no: Are you up to your eyebrows in shoe boxes and stashes of photos you don't know what to do with?

  2. Yes or no: Do you have piles of memorabilia and newspaper articles you want to save but don't know how to do it safely?

If you answered "yes" to both questions, then Preserve Your Photos is for you.

That’s because Preserve Your Photos was designed to show you everything you need to know to preserve your photos and memorabilia for generations to come.

For example, this class will work for you if:

  • You are overwhelmed by your photographs and memorabilia

  • You have old magnetic photo albums that are turning yellow and damaging your photos

  • You are fed up with feeling guilty about your un-preserved photo collection

Enroll in Preserve Your Photos now
Limited time only: Introductory Price

If you're thinking that this course is going to be some dreadfully boring read, stuffed with hard understand ramblings on photo preservation, then you can relax!

Inside the course you will learn:

  • How to decide if you should use photo boxes, photo albums or both

  • Which products are safe for your photos and which ones aren't.

  • What is the safest and easiest album for storing your photos.

  • How to care for your precious keepsakes and memorabilia.

  • How to care for and store your negatives.

  • How to preserve newspaper clippings and important documents.

  • What you must know before framing your photos for display in your home.

Yes! I want in!

Be sure to enroll before the low introductory offer disappears forever!


As always, thanks for your support of the Krafty Planner!

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