Why You Need the All New Master Planner {2020}

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There are thousands of planners out there for you to choose from, in every color, size and style. So, what makes the all new Master Planner the right one for you?

Today I want to show you what I believe makes the planner so special and how it can help your productivity, organization, and time management in 2020!


First of all, the Master Planner isn’t the same old planner you’re used to. It’s been designed to become your go to Personal Planning System that will help you manage your time and complete your tasks. Plus, there are multiple options for you to customize your planner to fit your lifestyle.

I will talk more about the customizable options later in the post but for now, let me show you the main planner itself and what it has to offer you.

What’s inside the 2020 master planner

The Krafty Planner 2020 Master Planner begins with a series of functional layouts to help you plan out and organize your year ahead.

Inside the cover, you find a full calendar for 2020 followed by a yearly planner to write notes about upcoming events or projects.


The yearly overview section gives you lots of room to manage your appointments and special events. There are three months to a page which is great for future planning.

You can use the yearly tracker to help you remember any routine maintenance tasks you need to take care of. For example, cleaning out the gutters, changing the furnace/air conditioner filters, change the batteries in the smoke detectors, etc.

Each Month includes

Each month gives you a bunch of different options to help you track your tasks, goals, appointments and bills.

The dated calendar gives you plenty of room to map out your monthly schedule and priorities.

The next couple pages are the keys to organizing and planning your month. They include spaces for the following:

  • Monthly tasks

  • Monthly goals

  • Appointments and events

  • Monthly tracker

  • Payments due tracker

  • notes for the month


Finally, create your daily to-do list and even plan your menu with the dated weekly planners. Each weekly spread is designed to help you manage your time and be as productive as you can be.

At the top of the first page is a place to record the top five projects you need to focus on this week. Followed by a monthly task checklist and an empty weekly spread.

The next page includes a second weekly spread, a menu planner and shopping list for the week.

The last two pages include a weekly spread for you to create your daily plans, record your Top 3 Tasks for the day and write yourself any notes you need to remember.


Stop using a planner that makes you a slave to their same old stale layouts and start using the planner that works with you towards your goals.

If you’re ready for a better way of planning, get the Krafty Planner 2020 Master Planner now and start seeing the difference it can make in your days, weeks and months, and make this the best year ever!

Get the Master Planner Bundle

Looking for something more than just the basics? Then you need the Master Planner Bundle.

The bundle includes the following add-ons:

  • Calendars & To-Do Lists Pack

  • Project Planner Pack

  • Contacts & Important Information Pack

  • Awesome Ideas Pack

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