Advertising Opportunities on the Krafty Planner

I accept sponsored blog posts for products and/or services, provided they’re useful to my readers. Below you’ll find information on sponsoring a blog post. 

The Krafty Planner is a constantly growing platform covering the topics of organization, productivity, and personal development. The blog offers planning tips, journaling prompts, and a wide array of printables to streamline life, home, and business. Our mission is to empower individuals to establish effective systems and routines, helping them achieve their goals and thrive.

Founded in 2019 and the home to over 600 articles (unique, quality content), ranking #1 for keyword phrases, and having new content published consistently (two posts a week or more) for 5 years, the platform and its creator — Maria Bonacci — have established themselves as one of the go-to resources in the planner, journaling, and printable communities and have become trustworthy in the eyes of search engines.

My audience:

The Krafty Planner’s audience comes from all over. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Average monthly traffic: 30k+ users: organic search, direct, and Pinterest.

  • Email list subscribers: 24.1k subscribers

  • Location: Over 55% US-based followed by Canada, UK, and Australia

  • Interests: Planning, printables, journaling, personal growth, productivity, time management, organizing

What I offer:

  • Blog posts

  • Backlinks

  • Newsletter ads

For a full list of services and pricing, please see my media kit.

Previous Collaborations

How to inquire about a sponsored post:

If you think your products or services will benefit my readers, shoot me an email at [email protected] to start a conversation about sponsoring a blog post on this website. 

Make sure to include details of your products/services in your email so I may determine if they’re a good fit for my blog and readers.

For all the other details (including previous collaborations, conditions, and packages), access my media kit here.