6 Steps That Will Help You Declutter Your Craft Stash

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Any crafter cringes when you talk about cleaning up their craft stash. But let’s face it, there’s so much clutter in your craft corner, you probably have a hard time finding what you need or find yourself buying multiples of the same thing because you don’t know what you have. Since you truly do not need a dozen tape measures, read on for a quick list of stuff to declutter out of your stash.

6 Steps to Declutter Your Craft Stash

Paper Items

Paper clutter can very quickly take over a craft room, especially if you’re into scrapbooking. Sort through odds and ends in your stash and ask yourself what you’re likely to use. Toss out the scraps you thought before were too big to throw away (they aren’t) and all the excess you’re never likely to use. No longer scrapbooking? Free it to someone who is or toss it out. Even if you start scrapbooking again, you’re not likely to want the same things anymore.

Things to Write or Draw with that have Lived Past their Usefulness

Dried out markers or paint, broken chalk, brushes not washed out properly, non-working pens, or calligraphy tools with broken nibs are all things to toss immediately. There is nothing you can do to salvage any of these items, and it will be easier to find a utensil you can use when next you look for one if you get rid of these things now.

Tools or Supplies You No Longer Use

There’s no shame in walking away from a hobby if it no longer gives you pleasure. If you’ve had enough of knitting socks for a lifetime, consider donating the yarn or other supplies to people who love the craft, like a local nursing home. Get rid of any tool you haven’t used in the past two years. That goes for yarn and fabric as well.

Broken Items

It should go without saying, but if it’s broken, toss it. That’s especially true for anything electrical in nature, with worn or frayed cords. Don’t risk a fire for the sake of making something.

Projects Left Unfinished for Years

Ask yourself if you’re ever likely actually to finish the project. If the answer is no? Out it goes.

Duplicate Items

Got caught up in buying an object when you couldn’t find it last time? When you find the original, toss the new one in the donate box.

Getting your craft stash under control is a great feeling. Imagine being able to find what you need, when you need it! Imagine just how productive you’re going to be once you’re neat and organized.

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