Simple Ways to Be Kinder to Someone Today

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The theme of this post is #kindness. There is so much negativity and hate in the world right now I’m hoping to encourage you to do one random act of kindness each day.

Being kind isn't difficult. Once you create a kindness mindset, you'll notice all sorts of opportunities throughout your day to reach out and be kind to someone.

As a bonus, once you're in the kindness loop, you'll notice you feel happier and more fulfilled. Scientists call this 'the helper's high' as altruistic acts trigger the same endorphins as a 'runner's high'!

Here are some simple everyday ways of including kindness in your day.

  • Stop to let a pedestrian cross the street or to allow another driver into the traffic.

  • Say please and thank you.

  • Say good morning and good night to your colleagues.

  • Smile at a stranger.

  • Hold the door for the next person.

  • Hold the elevator.

  • Let someone with only a few items go in front of you in the grocery store.

  • Do a coffee run for your colleagues.

  • Hug your loved ones.

  • Push the trash bins out for your neighbors.

  • Mow your elderly neighbor's lawn.

  • If you're going to the store, ask your neighbor if you can pick anything up for them.

  • Try volunteering at your local soup kitchen or shelter.

  • Be the bigger person and let the other guy have the coveted parking space.

  • Stand up for someone on the bus or subway.

  • Ask a stressed-out co-worker if you can help.

  • Help wash the cups after a meeting.

  • If the photocopier is running on empty, replace the toner and fill the paper bin.

  • Buy surprise flowers for your partner.

  • Give some coins to a street entertainer.

  • Pledge to stop complaining for one week (or at least one day)

  • Join your company's mentor or buddy program.

  • Leave a book or magazine on the subway or in a bus station.

  • Donate your excess art supplies or craft materials to an elementary school.

  • Encourage your kids to sort through their stuff and donate items in good condition to charity.

  • Donate money to your favorite charity or non-government organization.

  • Notice what your partner or colleagues are wearing and pay a few compliments.

  • Ask friend or colleagues how they are, and listen to the answers.

  • Reach out to family members or friends, send a text message, or call them to see how they are.

  • Clean up your neighborhood. If you see trash in the street, pick it up and put it in the bin.

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