How to Create a Motivating Morning Routine

How to Create a Motivating Morning Routine

~ Originally posted: May 2020 ~

How would it feel to start your day motivated and organized? It would be great, wouldn’t it? You’d know what you were doing, that everything was sorted and you’d feel brilliant.

Surprisingly, it wouldn’t take much to get a great start to your day every day. All it needs is for you to create a morning routine that motivates and organizes you for success; every day.

One of the secrets of success for those who are highly successful in life and business is a morning routine. It doesn’t need to be complex and it certainly doesn’t have to be time-consuming to create or follow.

In the beginning, it will require a commitment from you to planning it and then practicing it daily until it becomes a habit that happens without you having to consciously work on it.


A healthy morning routine is the key to a productive day. The perfect morning routine should be able to wake you up, make you feel refreshed and energized, and give you enough time to prepare for the day ahead.

It should also be something that can easily be integrated into your lifestyle, whether that means getting up early or staying up late.

Some people find it helpful to have a pre-written checklist of tasks they need to do in order to make sure they don't forget anything important.

A Motivating Morning Routine should Include:

The key to a successful routine starts with taking care of your body and mind in the morning and your routine should include things like exercising, eating healthy, meditating, and drinking plenty of water. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of these items.


We all know that waking up early is an important part of a successful day So forget about putting the alarm on snooze every 5 minutes. Set your alarm for an hour (or even two) earlier than normal and see your productivity soar.

An early start may not come naturally at first but providing you go to bed earlier and get enough sleep you’ll notice a positive difference quickly.


Set the tone of your day by giving it a really positive boost.

Visualize your success from the get-go. Use positive affirmations and don’t forget to display them where you can see them frequently as this will boost their efficacy.

Doing this step within the first 20 minutes of waking up gives you a greater chance of success as you’ll be able to reach your subconscious before your conscious mind wakes up and takes over.


Starting your day with a little exercise can help boost your mood and provide you with some extra energy for the day. Undertaking some form of exercise will help get your blood flowing, your heart pumping oxygen around your body, and generally waken up your entire system.

You don’t need to go for a 5-mile run every day. Your exercise regime could consist of morning stretching, yoga, or Tai Chi as these will help calm and ground you as well as provide time for inner contemplation.

Having a regular exercise routine can also help you sleep better at night, combat stress, and reduce depression.


Make sure you keep your body hydrated so the first thing you should do in the morning is to drink a glass of water.

There are so many benefits of drinking water, here are my top 3:

  • It helps with weight loss

  • It keeps your skin healthy and hydrated

  • It helps with concentration, and much more.

Many people like to start their day with a glass of water and lemon but herbal tea or green juice are also good choices for an early morning drink to get your day started the right way.


If you want to have a successful day, make sure that you know exactly what needs to be done. Have a to-do list ready and identify the order of priority. Make sure the list isn’t too long, 10 items or less is an ideal length.

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A healthy breakfast is a good way to get your body fueled up and ready to tackle the day ahead. You’ll feel more alert and be able to concentrate on the tasks you need to accomplish.

You can start the day with something light like a yogurt or oatmeal, or you can go for something more filling like eggs with toast or cereal with milk. The key is to start off with a good breakfast.


Taking a few minutes to sit and read something inspiring or educational will help you to feel positive and motivated.

You don’t have to spend a long time reading, even 10 minutes will be enough to get your mind working and your motivation kick-started.

Suggestions for morning reading include self-help books or biographies and autobiographies of successful people who inspire you and can act as role models.


Before you head out the door on your commute or settle down to your day at home, it’s important to do something that will either make you money or save you from spending money.

  • Prep the day’s meals so that you don’t feel tempted to get take-out when you are feeling tired at the end of the day.

  • Make sure that the dishwasher is loaded and the kitchen counters are clean and clear so that you don’t have to think about tidying.

  • Pay your bills so that you don’t get overdue notices and charges.

Your morning routine should be something that you enjoy and it should help you get on track for the day. If you want to have a successful day, then it’s important to start your day in a positive way.

Having a morning routine will ensure that your days are organized for success and that you feel motivated from the start. It doesn't matter if you do this routine every day, or just on days when you need to be more productive. The key is to find a morning routine that works for you and stick with it!

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How to Create a Motivating Morning Routine

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