20 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

20 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That means that it's time to gather with your family and friends, watch some Christmas movies, and eat some delicious holiday treats. But what if you're trying to stick to a healthy diet?

There are many healthy options out there that you can still enjoy during this festive time of year.

The key is not giving up on your goals just because it’s the holidays!

Are you with me?

Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

  • Don't try to diet. Your goal should be to maintain your current weight, not reduce it.

  • Plan and assemble several quick, healthy meals to have on hand when the days become chaotic.

  • Instead of cutting out high-calorie favorites, take a small portion of each and load up on healthier options like vegetables, fruits, and bread.

  • Don't attend a cocktail party on an empty stomach. The effects of alcohol are felt much more quickly and can lead to overeating and over-drinking. If you do drink alcohol, try to drink one glass of water before each cocktail.

  • Center activities around non-food events such as ice skating, tubing, skiing, or watching a holiday movie.

  • Offer to bring a favorite low-calorie dish to holiday parties, so you know there will be at least one "safe" item available. While at the party, try to stay away from the buffet so you're not tempted to nibble constantly.

  • Continue your regular exercise program right through the holidays. It's the key to maintaining good health and alleviating holiday stress.

  • Stick to healthier appetizers such as vegetables and antipasto.

  • Choose high-fiber selections on the buffet. Besides fruit and vegetables, choose hors-d'oeuvres that contain whole grains and/or legumes.

  • Instead of the usual high-calorie holiday drinks at a cocktail party try some of these other great ideas: Seltzer mixed with fruit juice; Sparkling apple juice or cider; Hot apple cider; Flavored, calorie-free water; Low sodium vegetable juice.

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10 Meal Prep Ideas

  • Bake dressing in a covered casserole dish instead of stuffing it in the turkey. That way it won't absorb the turkey's fat and it's more sanitary.

  • Limit the amount of butter or margarine you use to saute your vegetables. use chicken or turkey broth for additional moisture.

  • Use a rack in your roasting pan so the fat drips off.

  • Use a fat separator for the roasting pan juices and skim off all the fat before making the gravy.

  • Try using packaged light or fat-free whipped topping instead of the extra creamy, high-fat kind.

  •  If more than one type of pie is offered for dessert, choose one, not a bit of each. Be sure to pick your favorite so you'll be satisfied.

  • Eat just the filling and just a bit or none of the high-fat crust.

  • Use low-fat canned cream soup in the traditional green bean casserole.

  • Don't skip meals before the big meal that day. You'll be too hungry and may over-eat. Treat it like a regular day.

  • Begin the meal with a low-fat soup or a salad and you won't eat so much during dinner.


Still looking for more ideas to take the stress out of the holidays?



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20 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

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