Amazon Lately | My Favorite Amazon Finds for May 2022

Amazon Lately | My Favorite Amazon Finds for May 2022

Hi Friends! I found some really great things this month on Amazon and I can’t wait to share them with you! Let’s take a look…

My favorite Amazon Finds for May 2022

Amazon Lately | May 2022

1. Alsonerbay Wooden Tea Box

I currently have one shelf in a cupboard of full boxes of tea. I’ve tried organizing it in a bunch of different ways and storing them in different containers. One night I was watching the Big Bang Theory and they had a box like this one on the table. I really like the idea of having everything together and sorted at the same time. Plus I love that it has a clear lid so you can see what’s inside without opening it. This one is very well made and looks beautiful on the counter.

2. Spring mix Natural Undyed Paperless Towels

I realized that I’ve been going through a lot of paper towels lately and have been looking for a different solution. Paperless towels are good for the Earth and a wonderful way to reduce your paper consumption. The product description says they are long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and can be washed and reused for years so I’m hoping to save a few dollars in the long term by using these instead.

3. Found It Skillmatics Card Game Scavenger Hunt

This game looks like it will be so much fun on rainy days. I haven’t ordered it yet but plan on it very soon. I already play a game sort of like this with my little man but these cards will make it a little easier for me to think of things for him to find around the house. Sometimes my mind just goes blank when the kids are here 🤪. This is the indoor edition but if he likes it I’m going to get the outdoor and travel editions too.

4. ASAKUKI Ceramic Diffuser

I love this ceramic essential oil diffuser! It’s so pretty, it’s super quiet and it has waterless auto-off, which means you can leave it on even when you’re sleeping. It also has 7 LED mood lights that can be set to one constant color or a rotation of all 7 colors. I have a couple of other diffusers around the house but I love this one so much it’s in our family room right next to the fireplace.

5. Calendar Washi Tape

I can’t wait to start using this calendar washi tape! If you’re not familiar with Washi tape, it’s made of washi paper which can be easily torn off. You can paste it anywhere, and you can reposition, adjust, paste and release it without leaving any traces of sticky residue. It’s great!

This set of 9 rolls has 8 different patterns of dates to meet all your needs including month, week, day, numbers, patterns, etc. It can be used with your planners, scrapbooks, journals, or anywhere else you want to stick it.


That’s it for this month, I hope you love them as much as I do! What have you found on Amazon Lately? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!

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Amazon Lately | My Favorite Amazon Finds for May 2022

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