Declutter Your Home: 20 Things To Throw Away This Month

Declutter Your Home: 25 Things To Throw Away Today

Have you put off your spring cleaning this year? I have been so busy this past month that I didn't get a chance to do half of the things on my list.

May is looking to be just as busy so after some thought, I decided that the best way to get something done would be to tackle a little bit each day.

That's where today’s post comes in. Choose one or all of the items listed below to throw away and cross it off the list. I think we all have some holy socks and half-burned candles laying around don't we? Join me for this Declutter-athon and let's get rid of some stuff!

20 Things to Throw Away This month

  1. Half-burned candles without a wick

  2. Broken knick-knacks

  3. Expired sample-sized toiletries

  4. Old towels

  5. Expired medicine or vitamins

  6. Puzzles and games with missing pieces

  7. Books you’ve already read and don’t want to keep

  8. Old computer and phone cords that you don’t need

  9. Old bills and tax returns

  10. Receipts you don’t need to keep

  11. Worn-out or broken shoes

  12. Broken kitchen appliances

  13. Dried up pens and markers

  14. Expired frozen or canned food

  15. Dried up paint or art supplies

  16. Purses you don’t use

  17. Kitchen utensils you don’t use

  18. Magazines you’ve already read

  19. Dried up nail polish

  20. Broken electronics


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Declutter Your Home: 20 Things To Throw Away Today