Free Printable Harry Potter Planning Pages


Hey there, fellow planners and Potterheads! Today, I'm excited to share something truly magical with you all – Free Printable Harry Potter Planning Pages!

If you're anything like me, you're passionate about planning, journaling, and of course, all things Harry Potter. Well, it's time to combine your love for both in one spellbinding planner.

I've designed five enchanting versions, each representing one of the Hogwarts houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. Plus, there's a special one with the beloved Hogwarts teachers.

You can use your favorite house's set or download them all – the choice is yours.

Unleash the Wizard Within Your Planning

Whether you're plotting your path to greatness or simply trying to keep your life and tasks organized, these planning pages are the perfect tool. Here's what each set includes:

  1. Cover with House Crest: Your planner will proudly bear the emblem of your chosen house, making you feel like a true Hogwarts student.

  2. Sunday and Monday Start Calendars: No more fussing about different calendar formats. Choose the one that suits your style and preferences.

  3. Weekly Planning Pages: Perfect for setting your weekly goals, to-do lists, and tracking your progress.

  4. Daily Planning Page: Dive into the details of your day, jot down your tasks, appointments, and any magical notes that come to mind.

  5. Habit Tracker: Keep your wizarding habits on track, whether it's your work tasks, exercising, or practicing your magical skills.

  6. Notes Pages: For all those spells, charms, and brilliant ideas that pop into your head.

Unleash Your Creativity and Hogwarts Spirit

One of the most enchanting aspects of these planning pages is that they are undated. That means you can use them whenever you want and as often as you want.

Want to live the Hogwarts experience all year round?

Download all five sets and create a planner for the entire year. With every house and the teachers represented, your planner will be a true homage to the Wizarding World.

How to Get Started

  1. Choose Your House: Begin by selecting your house or go ahead and collect all five sets for a well-rounded Hogwarts experience.

  2. Print and Assemble: Print your chosen pages, and you can use a binder, disc-bound system, or even get creative with some DIY binding to assemble your planner.

  3. Personalize: Add your own touch by customizing the cover with your name, your favorite quote from the series, or any other magical decoration you like.

  4. Start Planning: Begin your planning journey with a little touch of Hogwarts magic.

These Harry Potter Planning Pages are not only functional but also a delightful way to infuse a bit of wizardry into your everyday life. Whether you're a die-hard Gryffindor or an aspiring Ravenclaw, there's something here for every planner and Potter fan.

So, don your robes, grab your wand (or pen), and start your journey into the magical world of organization and planning.

Now onto the printables!


Students of Gryffindor House are known for their bravery, adventurous spirit, and willingness to stand up for their beliefs. The common room of the house is situated in Gryffindor Tower and features the colors scarlet and gold.

Founded by Godric Gryffindor it’s the house of courage and bravery and it values qualities such as chivalry, daring, and nerve. Its emblematic animal is the lion, symbolizing strength and fearlessness.

If you're a true Gryffindor at heart, you'll find the planning pages for this house a perfect fit for your fearless journey through life.




Founded by Rowena Ravenclaw, the house of intelligence and wisdom is a place for those who value knowledge and wit. Ravenclaw students are known for their love of learning, creativity, and quick thinking.

The house's common room is situated in a tower overlooking the school grounds and it’s colors are blue and bronze. The emblematic animal is the eagle, representing vision and insight.

If you're always seeking to expand your mind and explore new horizons, the Ravenclaw planning pages will be your ideal companions.




Founded by Salazar Slytherin, the house values ambition, cunning, and resourcefulness. Slytherin students are known for their determination and their ability to achieve their goals through any means necessary.

The house's common room is located in the dungeons, and its colors are green and silver. The emblematic animal is the serpent, symbolizing cleverness and adaptability.

If you're ambitious and always striving for success, the Slytherin planning pages will help you plot your path to greatness.




Helga Hufflepuff founded the house of loyalty, patience, and fair play. Hufflepuff students are known for their kindness, hard work, and dedication.

The house's common room is near the kitchens, and its colors are yellow and black. The emblematic animal is the badger, symbolizing persistence and determination.

If you appreciate the value of a strong work ethic and the importance of community, the Hufflepuff planning pages will help you stay organized and grounded.




Last but not least, the Teachers of Hogwarts set pays homage to the wise and influential mentors who guide students on their magical journey. From Albus Dumbledore to Minerva McGonagall, these pages feature the distinguished educators who shape young witches and wizards.

Whether you're a teacher yourself or simply admire the wisdom they impart, these pages are a perfect tribute to the pillars of the magical world.



With these planning pages, you'll be well-prepared for whatever adventures life throws your way.

Happy planning, and may your days be as enchanting as a trip to Hogsmeade!

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If you’re going to be printing in color, I really recommend investing in an HP Instant Ink-compatible printer. The quality of the finished product is amazing! If you don’t need a color printer, I highly recommend a laser printer like the Brother L23 Series. You will save hundreds on ink. You can also get a color laser printer which I would LOVE to have!


For everyday printables, planners, and coloring pages for the kiddos I normally use Hammermill Printer Paper, 20 Lb. I love that you can get a small box of 3 reams instead of having to buy one at a time or a whole case of 10.

If I want something a little nicer, I use this laser paper which is incredibly smooth and has very little to no ghosting on the other side. This is perfect if you like to use pens/markers that are prone to bleeding through to the other side.

For printing on A5 paper, I use this Blank 6-Hole Punched A5 Paper. You can also get it without the holes but it’s $6-7 more. Which I think is odd because it’s usually the other way around and you have to pay more for the hole punching.

If you're printing a binder cover that is fade-resistant and lasts a long time, I would recommend the best paper using Epson Presentation paper. It's heavy like cardstock (48 lb), is great when laminated, and is made to last for decades.


When it comes to customizing your planner, the ARC binding system or other similar binders offer incredible flexibility and convenience.

With these systems, you can easily add, remove, or rearrange pages according to your changing needs, ensuring that your planner stays perfectly tailored to your lifestyle. Plus, you can unleash your creativity and design personalized covers or dividers, making it truly your own.

You can read more about Why I Love the ARC Binding System in this post.

Alternatively, if you prefer a professional touch, you can take your planner to a local printer like Staples, and they will expertly bind it for you.

Embrace the freedom of organization & explore the endless possibilities with your new planner today! 📚🖇️



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Free Printable Harry Potter Planning Pages

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