Why I Love the ARC Binding System

Why I Love the ARC Binding System

Since I started bullet journaling I've been using a Leuchturm1917 but I recently switched to the ARC Binding System from Staples. (note: I am not an affiliate of Staples) If you've never heard of the ARC System, it's a disc-bound system that is completely customizable which will help you stay organized.

I'm currently using the larger version for my daily bullet journal/blog planner and I use the smaller version for my Word of the Year journal.

Why I love the ARC Binding System: The PROs

  • I can easily remove pages (without damaging them) from one Arc notebook and transfer them to another Arc notebook

  • I can also move pages around within the same notebook

  • Has plenty of accessories such as plastic sleeves, pocket folders, and zip-lock pockets

  • There are also clear covers available made of  durable poly which make for easy personalization

  • The discs don’t get in the way when I'm writing like other binders can and you can fold the notebook back on itself

  • I can easily add more pages throughout the year. I usually keep about 3 months’ worth of planner pages in my notebook at once time to avoid it becoming too bulky

  • I can punch pages smaller than the size of the notebook to use for small lists and reminders

  • Larger discs are available so I can add as much paper as I need (and the rings aren’t too expensive)

  • Comes with pre-lined writing paper that is thick and sturdy (although I remove these pages and replace them with my own printable note-paper and planner pages)

  • Comes in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes

  • Less bulky and more portable than binders

The Cons

  • It can be expensive – you’ll need to purchase the custom notebook or just a cover, the paper punch, and the larger discs.

I said it can be expensive because the smaller quilted notebook in the top picture was about $28 (USD). But when I purchased the larger version, I decided not to get the complete notebook and opted to buy everything separately which was much cheaper. The thin plastic cover was $5, 1" discs ($3) and some dividers which were also $5. So, for less than $15 I was able to put together a fabulous notebook that I love and use daily!


Other Disc-Bound Products


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Why I Love the ARC Binding System
Why I Love the ARC Binding System
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