How to Preserve Newspaper Clippings

What to do with Newspaper Clippings

What to do with your Newspaper Clippings

Newspaper clippings are part of everyone's life and often make great additions to a photo album or scrapbook. Whether it is a birth announcement, graduation or an obituary, you need to make sure it's preserved properly or it will deteriorate over time. 

Newspaper contains a high degree of acid and is usually the first type of paper to turn yellow and brittle. In addition, the acid from the newspaper can travel to other documents or photos, causing them to deteriorate more rapidly. 

A couple of suggestions for preserving and saving your newspaper clippings are: 

  • Make a copy of the newspaper article on acid-free paper. You can even use colored paper to give it a more authentic look.

  • Scan the clipping into the computer and print it on acid-free paper, include it in a printed photo book or simply include it on a digital scrapbook page.

If keeping the original piece of newspaper is important to you, spray it with a deacidification spray like Krylon's Make it Acid-Free. The solutions in this product neutralize the acid in the paper stopping it from becoming yellow and brittle. 

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