What is Memory Journaling & My 2019 Project Plan

Memory Journaling

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I've been scrapbooking since I was a little girl and I love everything about it but all those beautiful albums that I worked so hard to create are just sitting on a shelf.

No one really looks at them. Once in a while we’ll flip through one or two, but that's it.

For me, scrapbooking is about the journaling just as much as the photos. I try to include as much information about the photos in my journaling as I can so years from now, anyone looking at the album will have all their questions answered.

Recently I've been trying to scrapbook using the Project Life method. I love the concept and how quick and easy it is to complete a spread. But, it can quickly become a very expensive hobby.

The albums alone can cost a small fortune, not to mention the page protectors and the journaling card inserts and the space you need to store everything, and after all that, you still need to print your photos! Gahhh! Too much money and time spent on something that is now collecting dust.

That's when I discovered Memory Journaling. By adding photos and decorative elements to the journal I was already using, I created my first memory journal.

I wanted to start a new journal and create a plan for 2019. At first I thought about using a disc-bound notebook but I wanted something simpler and a way to keep the entire year together that wouldn’t end up too bulky.

In the end I decided to use one Moleskine Cahier Journal for each quarter of the year and that I would store them all in my FoxyDori from the Foxy Fix. I decorated the cover of the first notebook with the year and a die cut - all products from the cover design can be found in the 2019 Sticker Kit.


Here’s a look at my memory keeping plans for 2019:

  • Daily Memory Journaling in my Moleskine notebook (5x8.25) using products from my shop along with the random collection of paper scraps and supplies I’ve collected over the years.

  • One 30 Day List challenge. Really, I would like to complete this challenge 2-3 times a year but right now, I don’t want to get overwhelmed with projects and am going to start with just once. I plan on using a Moleskine notebook for this project too and am thinking about getting a separate Foxy Dori just for list challenges.

  • One Documenting December project for the month of December. I will also be using a Moleskine notebook for this project and I am planning to purchase a red FoxyDori to store only my Documenting December notebooks.

As I work through my own projects and share them here throughout the year, my goal is to document what's real and inspire you to get the stories of your own life told in a way that is meaningful to you. 

Thank you for being part of this community! I hope you find a memory journaling plan that makes sense for you. 

What's your current  favorite way to document your memories? I'd love for you to share your own memory keeping plans in the comments below.

As always, thanks for your support of the Krafty Planner!

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