#TBT: October 2016 Bullet Journal Layout

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Hello my fellow Bullet Journalists and planner addicts, are you ready for October? This post is three years old but I love the layout and plan on doing something similar this month.

Back in 2016 I wrote…

I have been loving my Light Blue Squared Leuchtturm1917 and I can't wait to share it with you today so let's get started right now!

I had this beautiful daisy sticker in my stash of scrapbook supplies and it's the perfect touch to this beautiful journal. I'm not too big on adding embellishments like stickers and washi tape to my bullet journal but I think it looks so pretty on the cover :)

The first 3 pages are the preprinted index which is followed by 3 pages of future planning. I decided to go back to basics for my future log and special dates. I love that you can see the entire month at a glance and that there is plenty of room to record everything I need to remember in the upcoming months.

Since I would be able to see 9 months out in my future planning I didn't include a year at a glance page this time. I figured it was a little repetitive.

#TBT - October 2016 Bullet Journal Layout

This is my favorite layout every month! It's where I get to plan my goals and figure out what my top priorities are going to be. Plus I really love decorating the header page. Sometimes I include creative lettering but lately I've been including a sketch or drawing instead.

#TBT - October 2016 Bullet Journal Layout

My monthly spread is inspired by a few different layouts I saw on Instagram. I've been using it for the past few months and it works really well for me. I'm a very visual person and having an actual calendar is great, plus there's lots of room for notes, memories, quotes or whatever you want to include.

#TBT - October 2016 Bullet Journal Layout

I refer to my braindump or running to-do list all the time. It helps me keep track of everything I want or need to do and what I've already accomplished. Each week I choose the top priorities from this list and move them to my current to do's.

#TBT - October 2016 Bullet Journal Layout

I've also started using a weekly spread along with my dailies. This is mostly used for my blog plan and to-do list plus there's a few spots for basic home chores and ideas for next week.

#TBT - October 2016 Bullet Journal Layout

Finally, my daily spread. These pages are pretty basic. I love the simple header and I really don't need too much more than that. I find that too many extras can take me away from the actual tasks at hand and with such a hectic schedule I need to stay as focused as possible.

#TBT - October 2016 Bullet Journal Layout

Thank you so much for spending some time flipping through my journal with me today!

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As always, thanks for stopping by and supporting the Krafty Planner!


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#TBT - October 2016 Bullet Journal Layout