Essentials That Will Make Your Home Office More Efficient

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As you may have recently found out, anyone that needs to set up their own home office will go through a difficult challenge of trying to put together all the essentials that you need to be successful.

To set up a home office that makes working convenient and efficient there are some essential factors that you need. For example, you have to secure all the necessary equipment and furniture that help to keep your business running smoothly. These items are broken down and discussed one at a time below.

Home Office Essentials

A Space Plan

Here is where you should decide which area of the house you will be setting up your home office. The source of potential distraction is definitely one of the biggest factors that could influence your decision.

Some of your other considerations must ensure that the particular room you choose gets enough light and air, as well as being away from the source of noise. This will enable you to provide a professional environment dedicated for work.

Since you will be spending a maximum amount of your time each day in your home office, make sure it is a place you are comfortable with. If not, then spend some time decorating your home office to make a little more comfortable.

Starting Your Home Office Setup

Before you look into the tinier details of your home office setup, you need to work on the basics first. Taking care of these basic items will help you in working out the specifics later.

  • On which part of the house do you set up your home office? Consider the year-round conditions of that particular area in the house. Make sure that it provides a convenient place for you to attend to business and work essentials.

  • Find a quiet place in the house. Setting up your home office away from areas that offer a lot of distraction will help you increase productivity. This is an important consideration if you have young children at home.

  • Do you need a door? Will you be attending online meetings or using Skype? If yes, you may want to find a room with a door so you can shut out all distractions while you’re working.

Home Office Desk

If you talk about an office, the first thing that comes to mind is a desk. Indeed, an office desk is one of the most essential parts of your home office and must therefore be given priority to. So, if you plan on creating your own home office, you need to start your search on a suitable desk to use.

Most of us have currently been thrown into the work-at-home life due to the #Coronavirus lockdown and you might not have a desk available. That’s perfectly fine. Use your kitchen or dining room table. You can even use your coffee table if have to, just be sure that you can shut out the distractions.

Most office desks have shelves, drawers, keyboard trays and some other convenient features. While they are beneficial, you can opt for a simple home office desk design. You need to remember that the desk is intended as your main work space. Therefore, you need to clear the top of the desk from any form of materials. Furthermore, putting papers or files on the desk increases the probability of losing them. So, save yourself some trouble and look for other containers or space to organize your other files and documents instead of putting them on the desk.

This desk is simple, functional and a great buy at less than $40 (US) on Amazon. It’s available in the light wood color shown below or a darker chestnut colored wood. The reviews are a little mixed, some say its very sturdy while other’s say it’s not, I’m thinking it depends on how well it’s been put together. I do not currently own this desk but am seriously considering ordering it right away. I love it!

**This page contains affiliate links. Thank you so much! I really appreciate when you support the Krafty Planner especially during these troubled times.**

**This page contains affiliate links. Thank you so much! I really appreciate when you support the Krafty Planner especially during these troubled times.**

Home Office Furniture

Furniture within your home office will help provide a means to store and organize your work materials. Meanwhile, others are intended for your convenience while at work.

For instance, office filing cabinets are quite useful because it provides enough space to store and organize your documents. One helpful tip that you can apply with using a home office filing cabinet is to categorize your documents and assign separate drawers for them. If you do not have enough cabinet drawers, you can opt to label each one to save yourself time from having to look through each one of them.

Home office chairs are another essential but often neglected, furniture. When you work at your desk for a long period of time, having a convenient chair to sit on will make all the difference. Work can lead to exhaustion after some period of time and a comfortable chair should offer you enough relaxation to improve your vitality so you can get back to work. Hence, make an investment in a comfortable chair. When buying, look for the following features:

  • Adjustable seats

  • Backrest

  • Swivel base

  • Cushioned seat

  • Adjustable armrest

  • Substantial lumbar support

Home Office Decorations

Another often neglected aspect of most home offices is the decorations. Most people focus too much on the materials and furniture causing the office to lack character and warmth, which is essential to motivate you at work.

Consider the following tips when decorating your home office:

  • Try adding ornamental plants. The color green inside your office creates a positive mood and helps energize you at work.

  • Come up with a design plan for your office. It should consist of how your home office furniture is arranged together. When doing this, consider the accessibility of the items especially when you are working on your desk most of the time.

Home Office Computer and printer

Computers are a must in home offices nowadays. Therefore, you need to take your time when out shopping for a computer to use at your office. It is easy to be deceived by the idea of buying the most expensive ones, thinking that it is of the best quality. However, it should eventually be determined by the nature of your work. Do you spend a lot of your time working on the computer? Or do you simply use the computer for recording data and other information?

Instead of modern features, you need to focus on functionality with buying a computer. Shop around as much as you can so you can find the kind of computer you need at a bargain price. The same type of consideration applies to buying a printer for your computer.

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