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Over the years, I’ve tried it all, different ways to get organized, with much trial and error. Some worked, some didn’t.

I tried some of those fancy looking matching desk sets. They looked beautiful and for some, I’m sure they are perfect. But for me, they took up too much valuable space. Space I needed to proof my work, keep my reference books, or keep those essentials that I use on a regular basis.

For me, when I work I want everything within an arms reach. I want to have immediate access to the tools I need to complete the tasks at hand.

I have a small desk and shelving unit that hold my computer, printer, important documents, misc. office supplies etc.

Beside my desk I have a two-drawer filing cabinet. This was possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever done to organize my business.

In it I store the files and supplies that I use on a regular basis. Whenever these files get bulky with receipts and/or client documents, I simply empty them into the main filing cabinet.

For example, my main clients, whom I’ve been working with for a while, their files in the main cabinet are quite large. It’s nice to have the smaller file close by with just their recent correspondence.

Plus, when I need a folder, a receipt, or an order slip for my books, it’s all right there.

AAAHHH, now that’s convenience.

Now for the receipts file. I keep it monthly. At the beginning of the month, I simply replace the file with the new months file.

That way, at tax time, I don’t have to go through a whole years receipts and divide it up. It’s already separated.

Here are some other organizational tips you might find beneficial:


We have a round basket on a small table by the front door. All incoming mail goes there first.

When I have the opportunity to sort through it, I get it and put it in its appropriate place. Always pitch anything you aren’t keeping.

All business-related mail is sorted and put away immediately. Anything that might need work done on it is logged into my Day-timer and then put in the To Do Bin.


Your desk should have on it only those items that you use on a regular basis.

Look around. What haven’t you used in the last month or two? Start dumping. Find another spot for it. But find the RIGHT spot for it.

No Piling of Anything Allowed. This is one of those habits that can be so easy to get into. Definitely one that I catch myself doing a lot! But I stop myself now because I know it will just be brushed off to the side and forgotten.

Too often I miss something important and regret the piling blunder again. You will be amazed how much more organized you will feel if you just don’t do this one thing.

You might think you are too busy, but it only takes a couple of seconds… and how long does it take to look for that missing document.

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Now this isn’t only for Time Management. Your planner can have a space for all your business cards, appointment cards, etc.

How great it is to have all these cards right in the same place. On the date of your appointment, you simply grab the card and off you go.

Start the beginning of the day and the end of the day with a clean-up. What a tremendous feeling that is.

When you are done with a project, away it goes. When you start the next project, out comes all the material you need.

There’s nothing like the feeling of sitting down in the morning to a nice clean organized desk and office. Once you feel this a couple of days, you want to experience this every day so you’ll take the appropriate steps to make it happen.


Did you find this article helpful? I’d love to hear about it! Feel free to post questions in the comments below. Thanks!

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