How To Keep Your Family Organized During A Crisis

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This week has been one crazy roller coaster of a ride and my anxiety has definitely been in a constant state of overdrive. My mind is racing and it’s so hard to concentrate on anything I try to do.

I want to keep checking the news but all that does is make me mad and more nervous so I’ve been trying to limit how much news we’re watching and instead we’re having a Star Wars Marathon this weekend starting with The Phantom Menace and finishing up with The Rise of Skywalker which is already available on Amazon. YAY!!!

I’m normally an organized person with plans and schedules and I’m sure you are too, but sometimes life happens and this is definitely one of those times. Things occur that weren't expected and suddenly your well-planned life seems to crumble around you into chaos.

So what can you do when things aren't going as planned so that you can stay in control and prevent the chaos from taking over? Here are a few tips:

Plan Your Meals

Meal planning may sound boring but it will save you time, stress, and money, especially right now when some of us can’t get to the store as often as we would like, or at all. By planning meals ahead and creating a complete shopping list of the ingredients you need will make shopping much less stressful…and cooking.

Keep a selection of pre-prepared meals in your freezer. Freezer cooking doesn't have to be a chore as there are plenty of make-ahead dishes that can be frozen ready to cook in a slow cooker or air fryer.

This is also a great time to support your local restaurants. Around here, the places that are still open for delivery and take out are offering some really great deals, some up to 50% off your entire order.

Limit Technology and Information Overload

I’m not saying turn everything off because that would be a little insane right now. We all want and need to be connected and technology helps with that. I am saying try to put a limit on your use.

The first few days we had the news on all the time but there’s only so much you can watch, hear and feel. The feelings are what gets to me, the fear of not really knowing, the anxiety of not being able to do anything, and the stress of making sure we have everything we need. I’m sure you can relate.

Choose a news source that you trust and look to them for your information and of course be sure to watch any press conferences with your states Governor since they seem to be calling most of the shots right now. Then find something else to do.


Clutter is easy to create and now is the perfect time to get rid of some things you no longer want or need.

Take a few minutes each day to put things away where they belong and throw away all the junk that’s been laying around.

Put the dishes into the dishwasher immediately instead of leaving them on the counter. Deal with the mail immediately instead of leaving it piling up on the side. Here is a great post that might help you figure out Why You’re Keeping All The Clutter.

Get Up Early

While getting up early may seem pointless right now it can provide a really focused way to start your day. Especially if you create a miracle morning routine that includes power habits such as exercise, meditation or visualizations, planning, and a healthy breakfast.

By getting up earlier you can start your day feeling both energized and organized by completing any essential tasks to make sure that you and your family are ready for the day ahead even if you’re just hanging out at home.

Take Care of You

Providing that you take care of your mental, physical and emotional health by exercising regularly, eating healthily, and practicing meditation or mindfulness you will feel more able to cope when things don't go as planned or when life spirals out of control. And, don't forget to get enough sleep!

This crisis won’t last forever but there will always be times when life gets busy and you start to worry that you won't get everything done. Don’t let the chaos take over! Following these tips will help you stay organized and in control.

Before You Go

Now is the perfect time to get your entire home decluttered and organized? Join me for a free 15 day, room by room challenge that will help you do just that. You can learn all about it here.


What are you doing to keep organized and calm during this Coronavirus Lockdown? We could all use some help right now so leave your best tips in the comments.

Thank you for stopping by and supporting the Krafty Planner! Happy Planning!


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