How to Organize Your Desk and Keep it That Way

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Ever noticed that when you are searching for an important document through a clutter of office materials only ends up in further confusion? This is one of the biggest dilemmas with establishing a home office.

Most people tend to neglect organizational needs within the office, thinking that it isn't important since you are just at home anyway. However, lack of organization could result in reduced productivity.

Here's how you can iron things out in your home office.

Clean Up Your Desk

The steps might be obvious but most people have difficulty reducing clutter at their home office. Here are suggested methods that you can try:

  • Remove all papers from your desk. Then, organize them according to types and designate a container for them. The same goes for all of your writing implements.

  • If you find that there are some papers or documents in the clutter that you no longer need, destroy them, or throw them away.

  • If there are any old reading materials that you no longer use in your home office, put them away. It only eats up space that could have been used for storing all your other important documents.

  • Purchase a corkboard or memory board. They are useful in organizing all of your items from the desk.

  • Try re-arranging your desk so you can get maximum space when doing your work.

  • Regularly clean your home office desk.

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Designate Containers or Spaces

If you’re like me you probably have several different types of files on your desk. Therefore, you can make it easier for you to find something quickly later on by designating specific containers or space for each type of documents.

This will help you achieve two things: you clean out your desk space and you also make it easier searching for them later.

You can use a tray or a drawer in your filing cabinet to isolate these important files by category. When it's time to use any of them, you will readily know where to find them and save yourself the time that could be utilized in doing other work responsibilities.

When organizing your files, you must determine whether you are going to use them or not. Then, you can contain it in designated spaces, file it, or throw them away. It will save time and workspace.

Create a Schedule Plan

A planner or calendar is a must for every home office desk. It will allow you to keep track of the date, which you could easily lose track of with a busy schedule at work.

Using a planner will allow you to indicate a set of activities that you must perform or attend to.

A bullet journal is a great way to record other important information that you might need to remember or use at a later date.

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Benefits of Organized Home Office Desk

Establishing a home office entails a little more work than most people think. Aside from the challenge of having to balance work and home life, it can be difficult for some to find the discipline to condition your mind that even though you are at home, your home office is considered as a workspace.

Here are some motivating factors you need to get organized at your home office:

  • Organization will translate to your image as a professional. Therefore, when you are able to impress people with the level of organization at your physical home office, it will serve as a reflection of you as a person and business professional.

  • It makes it easier for you to find items you need later on.

  • It will help prevent losing or throwing away important documents or items.

  • It can help relieve stress since you won't have to constantly deal with cluttered mess and inefficiency at work caused by disorganization.


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