#TBT: My Planning Routine

#TBT: My Planning Routine

Having a clear planning routing is one of the best ways to improve your productivity and for a procrastinator like me, that is super important. Once I started bullet journaling and established a plan, I started getting more tasks accomplished every day than I ever did before. Today, I want to share my planning routine with you so you can share in my success.

Monthly Planning

At the beginning of each month, I like to do a little review of the previous month. I ask myself questions like, what did I accomplish and did I achieve my goals. I also spend some time planning my goals for the month ahead and creating new spreads and layouts.

Weekly Planning

Sunday evenings have quickly become my favorite part of the week! I love spending time creating a new weekly spread and planning out my week ahead.  It's very calming for me to sit quietly doodling and planning. Plus, having a real plan has helped me get and stay on track.

I also look back to my monthly spread to decide which goals to work on this week and what tasks I need to focus on next.

#TBT: My Planning Routine

Daily Planning

The Night Before: Every evening after dinner I sit with my bullet journal and spend time filling in my daily tracker and gratitude log.  I also create a header for the next day and migrate any unfinished tasks. Now is when I will add any new tasks and check my monthly spread for any events.

The Next Morning: I recently Made Over My Mornings and looking over my planner is part of that routine. I review the tasks ahead and add anything new I may have thought of or remembered. I also pick my "Top 3." Having this list lets me see at a glance what my main focus for the day should be.

Throughout the Day: As I work through my list I cross off everything that gets completed and add any new tasks that may have popped up throughout the day.


My Bullet Journal Supply List

How do you plan? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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#TBT: My Planning Routine