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Having a clear planning routing is one of the best ways to improve your productivity. Once I started using my planner daily and established a plan, I started getting more done than ever before.

Over the past few months, I have received quite a few questions regarding my planning routine. So I wanted to take a few minutes and explain all of the steps I follow on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis.

I also created a pretty checklist to help you stay on track.

You can download the printable below but first here’s a look at my planning routine.

Monthly Tasks

I like to plan out the upcoming month a few days before the 1st. I sit down with all of my planners, notebooks, & supplies and get organized for the month ahead.

First I look at the previous month. I ask myself what did I accomplish and did I achieve any of my goals? Then I move on to the month ahead and decide on which goals I want to work on.

I also take some time to review my yearly goals and planned projects to see if there is anything I need to start working on or add to my calendar.

Finally, I migrate any appointments, special events, and unfinished tasks to the new month.

Weekly Tasks

Every Sunday evening, I spend some time planning the week ahead. This helps me get focused for Monday morning and sets my week up for success.

I start out by gathering all of my supplies, planners, notebooks, pens, stickers, and anything else that I might need.

Next, I migrate any unfinished tasks from the week before and any appointments from my calendar. I also take a few minutes to choose where to focus my attention this week.

Once I know what I need to finish up and focus on, I create a detailed list of everything I need to get done this week.

Then, I take a look at my monthly goals and decide what action steps I need to work on to help achieve those goals.

Finally, I create my schedule for the week.

Daily Tasks

I have a specific daily routine when it comes to my planner. Everything is broken down on the checklist but here’s a quick review of how I currently use my planner.


  • Review the days’ tasks

  • Choose my TOP 3 tasks for the day

  • Add any additional tasks


  • Fill in my tracker

  • Migrate unfinished tasks

  • Check my monthly dashboard for events

  • Add any new tasks for tomorrow


  • Mark off tasks as I go

  • Add new tasks as necessary

  • Take notes of anything I need to remember

DOWNLOAD THE planning routine checklist

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