5 Reasons People Struggle with Bullet Journaling

5 Reasons People Struggle with Bullet Journaling

Do you Struggle with Bullet Journaling? Many people do. This post focuses on 5 of the most common pitfalls that people struggle with in regard to using a bullet journal, along with some solutions to work through them.

I've been Bullet journaling since 2015 and it's been amazing! Bullet Journaling helps with creativity, helps you organize your life, and is completely unique. But while there are many articles out there showing the benefits of bullet journaling, there aren’t enough that focus on why people struggle with it.


Why You Struggle with Bullet Journaling

1. You don't use your journal daily...or at all

Simply put, if you aren’t using it, you aren’t benefiting.

First, you need to figure out why your not using your journal. Is it because you don't feel like keeping up with the maintenance? Maybe you struggle with expectations or maybe you lack the skill to maintain your bullet journal.

Once you understand what you are struggling with you can start figuring out how to overcome it.

Working on your planner doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task. I believe that everyone is capable of finding five minutes to review the day ahead. Whether it’s jotting down a few notes about your day, or writing out a to-do list, you can find a little time to do some planning.

If you are only working on it once a week, it may explain why you struggle with bullet journaling. So, simplify if you’re doing too much. Start small, and work from there. And remember it's ok if you miss a day here or there. In fact, if you miss a week, no sweat. Even a month. Life is always more important than your planner. Your needs come first.


2. You don't make adjustments from month to month

Collections and trackers are there to help you learn more about yourself. Whether it’s just tracking your habits or monitoring your goals, you are learning more about how you operate.

When we learn from the past we can see what is and what isn’t working. If something isn’t working, figure out why and then take the time to adjust your plan.

3. You copy content from other planners

Looking to Instagram and Pinterest for bullet journal inspiration is great but only copy the design. Don’t copy their goals or daily schedule when they have a completely different life then you do.

It’s super important that you take the time to work out what your goals are. It doesn’t mean you can’t use the layout of the spread you admire, just change the goals or tasks to match your own.

You may even be creating a lot of unnecessary spreads or missing out on the ones that you need.

4. I'm not artistic and creating spreads is too complicated

There are some beautiful, detailed spreads out there in the cyber world with intricate doodles and fancy spreads. It’s clear that there are some very talented bullet journalists but not everyone has the same artistic talents.

If you’re feeling a sense of dread while creating your layouts, maybe you need to take a step back and look at the overall picture. Then ask yourself “Is all of this really necessary to meet my planning needs?”  You can create beautiful, minimalist layouts that will help you plan your life!

 5. There's no accountability

Accountability is one unique way to overcome your struggle with learning a new habit. Having somebody (a friend, a therapist, a support group, or even social media) to support and encourage you to keep moving forward may be all you need. Sometimes just knowing people are expecting to see your Instagram posts can be a motivation to keep you going.

You can create accountability in many ways! Here are a few examples:

  • Join a Facebook group dedicated to bullet journaling

  • Start a Social Media Account Dedicated to Bullet Journals

  • Search #BulletJournaling or #BuJo on Instagram

  • Share your bullet journal with your counselor or therapist (if you have one)

  • Create a bullet journal group in your community

Those are the top 5 reasons most people struggle with bullet journaling. If you're struggling, figure out which reason or reasons are holding you back and why. Once you know the reasons it will be much easier to overcome them.

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5 Reasons People Struggle with Bullet Journaling
5 Reasons People Struggle with Bullet Journaling