Developing an Attitude of Gratitude for Better Mental Health


In recent years, positive psychology research has proven that gratitude is strongly associated with the emotions that can help you enjoy more significant health and happiness.

It has also been shown that gratitude plays an essential role in nurturing relationships and can even inspire you to take better care of yourself.

Here's how developing an attitude of gratitude can improve your mental health and make you happier in your life.

Increased Happiness

When you incorporate gratitude into your daily life, you will have a more positive outlook, and you will be more appreciative of everyday things. You will be less likely to take things for granted and will be more inclined to be moved by the little things.

With gratitude, your moods won't be affected by disappointment, and you'll be better able to see the bright side of life rather than focusing on what you lack.

Greater Life Satisfaction

Those who practice daily gratitude tend to be less materialistic and more hopeful in life. They are also more likely to have greater resilience and less likely to feel like they’re a victim when things don’t happen to go their way.

Being able to cope better with tragedies and crises, can help to improve the quality of the experiences you have in life. 

Better Mental and Physical Health

Research has proven that when you live with gratitude, you are less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. With daily gratitude, people tend to be more optimistic and enjoy an increase in energy.

Gratitude also has a positive effect on cardiovascular health and immune health and has been shown to effectively lower blood pressure, increase pain tolerance, and have a positive impact on pregnancy.

Increased Self-Esteem

Those who experience heartfelt gratitude in their lives have higher levels of happiness and far greater self-esteem and confidence.

Being grateful focuses your attention on happier, more positive thoughts which can help you to feel better about yourself and help you to banish negative self-talk. 

Higher Levels of Success

Research shows that people with a grateful mindset are more likely to achieve their goals at a quicker pace than others. And, those who hold managerial positions report that showing genuine appreciation and thanking their colleagues improves productivity and motivates.

Being grateful isn't always easy, but without it, life can be incredibly lonely, depressing, and impoverished.

Showing gratitude can enrich your life and energize, elevate, inspire, and transform your life.

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