10 Reasons to Start Keeping a Journal

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Everyone keeps a journal for their own reasons, maybe they have a problem they're trying to sort out or have a big secret they are trying to keep. The act of putting pen to paper can be a very therapeutic and relaxing process if you are willing to commit the time. Plus, there is no right or wrong when it comes to journaling, it's all about your process and what you get out of it.


Relieve stress. Everyone needs to get things off their chest and writing them down can be just what the doctor ordered. Some therapists and counselors often recommend journaling to help their clients work through their issues.

Unload your secrets. Everyone needs a confidante to tell their deepest thoughts and secrets and your journal will always be your most trustworthy friend.

Record inspirations and ideas. Don't let those big ideas keep slipping from your memory. Start keeping a pocket-sized notebook and writing them down right away.

Remember events. Did you have the most romantic Valentine's date last month? A journal is a perfect place to write it all down so you will be able to remember it always.

Record history. Keep a journal of current events including a price list of your favorite items. My daughter was just flipping through her baby book and saw a page where I recorded the prices of a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs etc. It was fun to look back 20+ years ago and see how much things change.

Remember family stories. My Nana is always telling stories about when she was younger and how things were growing up in the 40's. I love all of her stories and could listen to them over and over again. Writing them down in a journal would preserve them for future generations of our family.

Record your children's memories. Did they have a great time at the petting zoo or the pumpkin patch? How did they react the first time they met Santa? Preserving these memories for your kids will be an amazing gift when they are older.

Track and accomplish your goals. Clearly stating your goals and the steps you will take to accomplish them gives you a path to follow. Try including a timeline and setting target dates for completing your goals.

Get more organized. The Bullet Journal system is perfect if you need to get yourself organized. Also, creating a to-do list and planning your day will help you become more productive.

Get more creative. Art journals, bullet journals, scrapbooks or smash-books. Whatever you use as your journal, let your creativity flow and make it beautiful. If you love it, you will want to use it every day!

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Start Keeping a Journal_ 10 Reasons Why you Should.png
Start Keeping A Journal_ 10 Reasons Why You Should .png