Top 5 Benefits of Daily Journaling

Top 5 Benefits of Daily Journaling

If you’re struggling right now, with anything, journaling might be the answer. Physically putting pen to paper and writing down your thoughts is a great way to reduce stress and can lead to positive changes and improvements to the quality of your life.

Journaling has been a key part of self-reflection, self-awareness, and personal growth for centuries. It is also an important part of the process of therapy.

In this article, we will discuss five benefits that come with journaling on a daily basis. These benefits include stress relief, improved focus and productivity, improved memory, and better self-esteem.

Effective journaling can help you clear your mind and make important connections between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. These are important steps to solving the problems that are currently impacting your life.

Journaling is also a great way to deal with emotions that are difficult or painful, as it allows you to work through them and process them in a safe place.

I like to think of my journal as a close, caring, non-judgmental, perfect friend. I start each entry with something positive or something I’m thankful for, that way it’s not just a place for me to wallow in my self-pity.


  1. Stress Relief: Journaling can help you release pent-up emotions and frustrations that can lead to stress. The act of writing out your thoughts helps to release those emotions in a healthy way so you are not bottling them up or doing something detrimental to your mental health.

  2. Improved Focus: Journaling helps you become more focused over time. It’s a powerful tool for focusing your thoughts which will make it easier to identify what is important and what is not.

  3. Increased Productivity: Time spent journaling can help increase your productivity because writing helps to organize thoughts and ideas; it allows us to see past mistakes, failures, or successes; and it increases our self-awareness.

  4. Improved Memory: Journaling can help memory as it helps to create a “memory palace” that is an internal map of how we store memories. This concept was popularized in the book The Art of Memory by Frances Yates. In her book, she discusses how ancient speakers would use the “memory palace” technique to memorize long speeches and texts because it relies on the remembering of physical locations to aid the recall.

  5. Better Self-Esteem: In writing, we are free to express ourselves openly. This will help us to be more comfortable and increase our self-esteem which in turn will reduce symptoms associated with depression and anxiety.

In addition to the benefits listed above, journaling also creates better organization by helping you clearly visualize your thoughts and ideas which will help you organize them in a way that makes sense for you rather than for others.

Everyone has their own reasons for journaling, some of my favorite reasons include:

  • It leaves a written record of your experiences, which can be extremely precious in the future.

  • It creates a record of the lessons you’ve learned and key ideas you’ve discovered and helps you remember them more effectively.

  • It drives you toward your goals and helps you bring your vision to life.


What do you think your biggest benefit of daily journaling is? Leave your answer in the comments. I’m so happy you stopped by today! Thanks, ❤️

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Even though you only need a pen and paper, here are some of my favorite journaling supplies if you want to check them out:

  • I like to use a few different notebooks for journaling but my favorite is this Leuchtturm1917 Softcover. I prefer the squared pages but you can also get the dot grid, lined, or blank formats.

  • If you would rather use a spiral binding, these notebooks are the best! I love that they come in a three-pack so I always have an extra one on hand. These are also squared format but I think they are available in line and dot grid too.

  • To be honest, my go-to pen is a simple, classic black Bic but when I want something a little fancier I use either use these Muji Gel Pens or these Micron Sakura Pigma.

  • Get creative with your journaling and add some Washi Tape, Stickers, or if you’re artistic you can draw your own doodles.

  • Sometimes I like to add photos to my journaling and over the years I’ve tried a bunch of different printers. I started out using this Fujifilm Instax Mini but it wasn’t very practical to carry around all the time. Since the quality was so much better when I use my phone for pictures I decided to splurge on the Canon Ivy Mini Printer. It connects directly to my phone through the app and easily prints on 2x3 sticker photo paper that I can add right to my journal page instantly.


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Top 5 Benefits of Daily Journaling

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