End of the Year Review Journaling Prompts

End of the Year Journaling Prompts

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the year! It’s time to look back over your year, your accomplishments, the highlights and find out what still needs work.

Let’s give 2019 a proper sendoff and get ready to ring in the new year and a brand new decade!

end of year review journaling prompts

Grab a cup of coffee and cozy up by the tree with your journal

  • 2019 in three words: What 3 words best describe your year so far? Create a mind-map and list as many words as you can think of to describe your year. Then choose the best three.

  • Most important people: Which people were most important to you this year and why? What can you do to show them how much they mean to you?

  • 5 things you’re grateful for this year: List 5 things that you are most grateful for this year.

  • Favorite memory: What was your favorite memory from 2019?

  • What is your favorite place you went this year? Tell the story of your adventure and what you enjoyed the most while you were there.

  • Biggest accomplishment: What was your biggest accomplishment this year and how did you achieve it?

  • Biggest wins/successes: What were some big wins you had at work/home/school this year? What can you do to replicate or improve on that success in the future?

  • Biggest challenge: What was your biggest challenge or obstacle this year. Did you overcome it or are you still working through it?

  • Could have gone better: Write a summary of what you could have done better in all aspects of your life this year, and what can you do from this point on to improve them?

  • Progress towards your goals: Look back at your goals from the beginning of the year, which of those goals have you completed? Which goals did you not finish this year and what were the roadblocks that were in your way?

  • Your 2020 Goals: Do you still have goals from this year that you want to continue working on? What can you do to be more effective at completing them? Add these goals to your list for 2020.

  • Unfinished business: What unfinished business do you need to take care of in order to start the year strong? Is there anything you can take care of before the month is over and cross it off your list?

  • New skills learned: What new skills did you learn this year? Did you take a business course or learn a new DIY technique? Whatever new skill you learned this year, give a short summary of what you learned, why you wanted to learn that skill and anything you want to remember about the training.

  • Money well spent: Did you make any big purchases this year? Where they worth it?

  • Good habits formed: Did you form any new good habits this year? What made you decide to start this new habit?

  • Bad habits broken: Were you able to kick any bad habits in 2019? How did you accomplish this? Do you have any bad habits you want to STOP doing in 2020?



Journaling can be a daunting task for some, but I’ve done my best to take out all the complicated and overwhelming parts of journaling to make this course easy to understand.

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End of the Year Review Journaling Prompts