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Many people succeed with working from home, while others don’t find it as easy. One of the biggest reasons for failure is a lack of motivation in the environment. Therefore, creating a plan that makes work more efficient is of utmost importance.

This planner can help you structure your day and plan out your work ahead of time so you can get more things done while at home.

As most companies have implemented remote work policies due to COVID, I thought I would share this Work at Home Planner to help you manage your time while working from home.

Work From home Planner .png

How the Work at Home Planner can Help You

If working from home is just new to you, this planner is designed to help you adapt to the change. With it, you can set your working parameters, create a work and home routine, and organize your tasks at hand.

It’s a simple planner that can help you minimize your work distractions and maximize your productive times, while at home.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s included…

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Once purchased, you will receive 3 PDF files: the full-size, half-size, and classic HP size PDF’s





If you work from home it’s easy to assume a relaxed approach towards work and neglect some of your tasks. It then becomes important to come up with a way to avoid any form of distraction, whether it be playing around with your kids for a while or chatting with a friend.

The best way to achieve this is to treat your home office as you would any regular office. Then, practice basic organizational skills when it comes to filing your important documents and arranging your schedule.

When you say organization, it does not only refer to the cluttered mess on your desk but also in terms of how you properly organize your schedule to ensure all your priorities are met.

The Work at Home Planner is exactly what you need to accomplish this and create a routine that you can stick with.


Here’s a list of everything else that’s included:

  • Cover

  • Daily Planning Page

  • Daily Planning Page v2

  • Daily Time Log

  • Weekly Planning Page

  • Weekly Planning Page v2

  • Weekly Review

  • Monthly Calendar - Sunday Start

  • Monthly Calendar - Monday Start

  • Project Planning Page

  • Meeting Notes/Agenda

  • Task Tracker

  • Email/Call Tracker

  • Work Brain Dump

  • Routine Builder

  • Goal Setting Worksheet

  • Quarterly Goals Worksheet

  • Long Term Goals Worksheet

  • Year at a Glance Planner

  • Contacts Log

  • Passwords Log

  • Lined Notes Page

Work at Home Planner Video Flip-Through…

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Work From home Planner   .png