Cycle Syncing: Period Help And More & a Free Printable Tracker

Cycle Syncing: Period Help And More

If your reaction to the word “period” includes feelings of dread then you’ve probably been a victim of that time of the month. From your clothes being destroyed to excruciating pain at the most inconvenient times — periods are a heavy burden for many. 

Luckily, claims about a cycle tracking method could be the answer to your period troubles. With the possibility of helping your diet, fitness, sleep, and social life, this method is coined cycling syncing.


Cycle syncing is the process of altering your lifestyle to your menstrual cycle phase. By tracking your cycle and adjusting your social events, exercise schedule, diet, and work to the four phases, you can transform from a period victim into a victor.

What Are The Menstrual Cycle Phases?

Your body goes through four phases during a menstrual cycle, which lasts 28 days in total. Some of the phases overlap here and there, as you can see in the image below:


Syncing Steps

1. MENSTRUAL PHASE: Get Comfortable

During this phase, hormone levels are at their lowest point as the lining of the uterus sheds causing bleeding or spotting, cramping, bloating, and low energy. Take days 1-6 to focus on gentle movements, warm foods, and staying hydrated. 

Keep stress levels low if you intend to get pregnant. Women with higher levels of stress from the first day of their period until ovulation reported having issues conceiving. 

To cope, try journaling to channel any stressful experiences or anxious thoughts. 

2. FOLLICULAR PHASE: Increase Movements + Creativity

During this phase, your estrogen and testosterone levels rise causing you to feel more energetic with a decrease in appetite but with a spike in creativity. You may also experience glowing skin and a higher libido as your body is signaling a need to procreate. 

Take days 1-14 to slowly increase your workout intensity, fuel up on foods that metabolize estrogen, and take advantage of the creative juices to tackle complex projects, social events, and your list of procrastinated tasks.

Try ready-to-eat meals to make more time for creative pursuits and a yoga block to amp up your exercise routine.

3. OVULATORY PHASE: Live Your Best Life

During this phase, you’ll experience a confidence boost, high energy, and libido. The phase begins with the release of the luteinizing hormone (LH) which signals the release of an egg and ends with ovulation. 

Take days 14-17 to go as hard as you can in your workouts, consume anti-inflammatory foods, socialize, and get intimate. Now is the best time to conceive as your most fertile window is open two to three days before your temperature increases. 

4. LUTEAL PHASE: Take It Down A Notch

This phase marks the end of your cycle. Estrogen and progesterone levels are decreasing meaning the possibility of oily skin, zits, tiredness, and the usual premenstrual symptoms (PMS) like headaches, cramps, or back pain. 

Take days 15-28 to fall back on your workouts, finish large tasks soon, eat foods that boost serotonin, combat low libido, and fatigue, and don’t cause bloating. Use a planner to help organize your weekly meals in advance.

Keep in mind that not everyone’s period is the same! Track your cycle with this free printable tracker to better understand where your body is at and how you can support it.

Download the menstrual Tracker below

Cycle Syncing: Period Help And More. Menstrual Cycle Tracker Printable



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Cycle Syncing: Period Help And More

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