5 Beach Day Activities For Kids

5 Beach Day Activities For Kids - Free Printables

I grew up (and still live) in a small town, right in the middle of the Finger Lakes area of NY State. The middle lake, Cayuga, is about 10 minutes from my house and Seneca Lake, (the deepest lake) is about 15 miles west.

We always had our family picnic in the same spot every year and I have so many fond memories of spending long summer days at the lake. Playing in the sand, waves, and getting a snack in the big party house on the hill.

When you’re a kid, beach days can be some of the most memorable and cherished times. Whether you’re going on a fun day trip there, or a beach-themed party at home, having a few activities on hand for the kids can help squeeze in a few more memories before the summer ends!

1. Build A Sandcastle

Making a sandcastle is one of the most classic sand activities that families can do together. Encourage creativity by having the kids find seaweed and seashells to decorate it. Sandcastles are a great way to encourage teamwork and keep the little ones busy under the sun! 

2. Bring Fun (Yet Educational) Games

Speaking of finding seashells, you can turn the hunt for beach items into a Bingo game! Download and print the Bingo Printable below to take on your next beach day outing. You can even laminate printable worksheets to make them water-resistant and reusable!

3. Ride The Waves With A Boogie Board

Waves can sometimes be intimidating for younger children, and sometimes too strong for them to swim without support. In this case, a boogie board can help them feel more confident swimming in the water. Don’t forget to take photos!

4. Stay Active With Sports

Not only do sports keep the kids active, but it’s a great opportunity for them to meet and invite other kids over to join. Here are a few common sports you all can play in the sand:

  • Sand Soccer

  • Football

  • Frisbee

  • Volleyball

  • Spikeball

Just be sure to protect your children with a generous amount of sweat-proof sunscreen!

5. Make It A Competition

Last but not least, sending the kids on a treasure hunt can keep them entertained for however long you need. Our Pirate Treasure Hunt Printable below is a great way to get your kids to explore the beach in a fun and safe way.

It doesn’t just have to be at the beach, either. This treasure hunt game works anywhere! You can set up the clues at home in the backyard during a family cookout or birthday party.

Planning beach days can be a bit chaotic, but having a few fun activities prepared, as well as a nifty planner, can help. This way, spending quality time with your kids will be the beach memory that lasts.



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Related: Printing on Half-Size and A5 Paper


Do you have a printable or planner request? Let me know in the comments below and I will see what I can do. I’m so happy you stopped by today! Thanks, ❤️


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5 Beach Day Activities For Kids - Free Printables

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